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SuBow is a local-multiplayer game for 2-4 players, combining elements from both archery and sumo wrestling! 

The goal of the game is to use arrows to knock your opponents off of the dohyō (arena) and earn points by doing so.
Launching an opponent onto one of the spinning boards will grant extra points, with more points awarded on the inner rings.

When the timer runs out, the victor will be the rikishi with the most points!


Controls - Gamepad only!
Move - Left stick
Aim - Right stick

Charge bow - Hold right trigger
Shoot arrow - Release right trigger

Dash - Left trigger

Toggle alternative fire-mode - Select/Back
Alternative shooting - Charge bow with right stick and release to shoot


subow-subow-win.zip 608 MB
Version 2 Oct 14, 2018

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